Hello Friends!

Hello friends! It's Holly back in action once again! I'm so sorry for not being around much to talk to you for the past two weeks, I tried to pop in when I had time but I've been working very hard in both NYC and Los Angeles on shoots with Debi Treloar - I am styling homes and she is shooting them for the Decorate book that I've been working on as some of you already know. It's been a great deal of fun and I've learned so much in the process, I can't wait to share more about the things I've learned in the weeks to come because I think they may interest you -- but I'm still recovering from the flight back to Germany from LA so I'm a bit slow mentally right now - lol - and cannot find words as I would like to. To summarize my time away though - it was just grand!

Simply Happy

It's funny, my friend Ingrid told me that when I finish this process that I will be a different person. I didn't know what she meant when she said it, but the skeptic in me highly doubted any part of this process would change me. But it has in ways that I did not expect and I will reveal those as I go because some of it is a bit emotional and I'm too tired to go into it today.

I am happy with the work I've done and proud of myself, but also very excited to share the homes with you in the book that I scouted because they each have such unique styles and personalities that inspired me quite a lot. Being out and inside of homes, moving around personal belongings, examining details on a cabinet or inside of a bookcase, just being "in" a space like that felt wonderful and I hope that images reflect my passion for this project when you see them. It also gave me a lot of fuel and excitement for future book projects and even projects that I have planned to show on decor8 in the months to come -- I feel like I am ready to blossom into other areas and experiment more on decor8 as well so stay tuned for some new features that I will launch on this blog in the winter that will no doubt excite and inspire you, too. My goal is always to keep things fresh and forward because I think in a world as saturated as our online one has become that we, as blog authors, want to keep our loyal readers happy and stimulated but most importantly fill our emotional glass FIRST -- so I will continue to work on giving you some happy content to enrich your day and hopefully, even make your life a little happier too. I feel I have so much more to offer you as readers now more than ever before and that is a really good feeling for me to have. I still have more traveling to do -- to London, Belgium and the Netherlands -- but my days away will not be as long as before so I'll be blogging quite regularly going forward.

Okay so I'm officially back to blogging on a daily Monday - Friday schedule. Leslie has been so kind as to cover for me while I was away (thank you, dear Leslie). Did I tell you that we were able to meet? Oh yes! We actually worked together a full day and then in the evening, she and her lovely husband took us out to this hip sushi place on Hollywood and Vine where we ate and laughed and enjoyed the whole virtual-to-reality bit of going from virtual friends to "real life" friends as Leslie and I have done. It was so much fun to finally meet my contributing editor here on decor8 - we've been working together for a year as she has done an exceptional job producing her color me pretty columns - and she has been a very strong addition to my Blogging Your Way e-courses as a co-teacher, so meeting up was absolute perfection. I can't wait to teach alongside her again in our next class coming up in September (registration will begin in August, to get on the mailing list please click here). Leslie dear, thank you for everything! You really made my trip to LA shine! Oh and she even came with me to a shoot one day to "assist" though it was more like her just hanging out with Debi and I as I moved and shuffled things around. Leslie was great to have there on a shoot as she was so encouraging and engaged, it really made things so nice for me and to spend an extra day with her was an absolute honor for me.

I'll be back in a moment with some posts for today - see you in a moment dear friends!

(image: holly becker for decor8)