Pretty Meal Planner

This is a great freebie item to begin a new week because it is pretty and can potentially keep you healthy! I came across this lovely meal planner created by graphic designer Alma over at Ollibird and have to share it because I think lots of us working peeps (especially those with offices at home) can get into some major food ruts!

Eating the same things, grabbing whatever is there, eating too much of one food group, snacking too frequently, nervous eating... I could go on and on. And while this meal planner won't give you self control to step away from the Häagen Dazs (LOL) at least with something like this you can plan nutritious meals for the week and post it proudly on the fridge because it's just soooo pretty. Win win.

I like the idea to laminate it and reuse it over and over again... To download a full size of the image above, click here for further instructions.

Via: Birch & Lily