Hotel Arena: Amsterdam

I have to show this fab place I stayed at in Amsterdam last week called Hotel Arena suggested to me by a friend. It was in this old gorgeous building, a former hostel I was told, along a canal. It had the best lounge and restaurant downstairs.... but the room, oh the room! I loved it! It was fun to be in such a massive space all alone -- I felt like jumping up and down on the bed! Here is my lovely room by day...

Hotel Arena Amsterdam

As I threw open the big windows and listened to Usher's OMG (hey, I couldn't play my music so I put on MTV), I fell backwards into my delightfully soft bed... I truly felt OMG being in such a fun room. The bathroom was this giant black glass cube with an open shower (meaning no walls) and a giant bathtub. It made me want an open bathroom and a massive shower just like it, I loved the concept.

Hotel Arena Amsterdam Hotel Arena AmsterdamHotel Arena Amsterdam

I loved the clean design of the room, the soaring ceilings and old windows, wood floors, and the beyond lovely gold shimmery bedding and pillows from Mrs.Me. I have to buy some Mrs. Me bedding for my new bedroom -- I kept thinking that while I was at this hotel as I loved it so much. The combination of gold on the bed and gray curtains was such a great combination because it added warmth to the room at night. Between the lighting and bedding, the room became very warm and the walls appeared to be a creamy white at night but by day, the white walls looked very crisp white due to the natural lighting combined with the gray drapes and white furniture which cooled the room down. I thought the design was very clever! I photographed it at night to show you what I mean... See how creamy the whites look now? And how romantic?

Hotel Arena Amsterdam Hotel Arena Amsterdam

I will request this exact room again when I return in the Fall -- it's only 40 minutes by plane or 4 hours by rail, so I'll definitely go back to hang out only next time I'm bringing my honey! Hotel Arena was definitely a place to bring a special someone. :) Hubba hubba. It had that "vibe" in the hotel, you know? I saw this 70+ year old couple with gray hair, slumped over, emerging from a room one morning -- he had the biggest smile and twinkle in his eye and she shyly looked at me like she had just been a very naughty girl. It was so adorable, I loved seeing their cute little sparkle and resolved at that moment -- when I am 70, I am staying at sexy hotels with my husband too! :)

So yes, after working and shopping this room was a lovely place to relax and enjoy the beautiful canal views. Ah, Amsterdam. I'll be back to see you again soon....

(images: holly becker for decor8)