Summer Blog Break!

Confession time! I've been a bit moody when it comes to posting this week, I know, but it's work related deadlines I promise! Truth is, the book I'm working on has me on deadline -- at the moment I'm writing and drawing up lots of floor plans for the book designer. No one likes a late Lucille so I have to get on it, man! I'm not complainin', just explainin' since you deserve to know where your fickle friend has been. Not basking in the sun on holiday, that's for darn sure!

Blog Break

I'm still here, and I miss you.... (all together now, "Awww") but I pinkie swear that regular posting will resume again soon. Just not as soon as we'd all like. I'm thinking we should meet here on decor8 on Tuesday, September 7th after Labor Day weekend when things will return back to the regularly scheduled program. I won't be blogging again until then though, I need to finish my book, start packing for my big move and get everything ready for students in the upcoming e-course. Plus I have to start planning for my teaching trip in Morocco since I have lots of fun materials to pull together for the lovely ladies who have signed up for a week of magic in Marrakesh. I can't WAIT.

So with that... I'm going off into deep, dark book writing cave. Don't worry... I'm bringing snacks! And lots of coffee, a pot of green tea too, and my trusty laptop but that's it -- I'm going in. But I won't be long -- plus once I'm back, you know me, I'm action Jackson with daily posts and tons to share so until we meet again, so long dear ones... Wish me luck!

(image: Trent Bailey Photography, poppies and posies events <--- visit them, okay?)