Martha Stewart Living Kitchens

I'm convinced. Martha Stewart is definitely going for world domination. She has now jumped into kitchen cabinetry design with her new line of cabinets, countertops and hardware at The Home Depot. My goodness, she is unstoppable.

MS Living @ The Home Depot

I've never been that big on overly posh, shiny kitchens, but I did find some nice ones that I thought you may enjoy too in Martha's collection. Now that I'm on the topic... I'm wondering what kind of kitchens you dream about because I don't show/feature them much on this blog. You'll have to tell me!

MS Living @ The Home Depot

When it comes to kitchen design, I guess I'm more of an industrial Scandinavian kitchen type if that is even a design style for kitchens, or something very laid back with cabinets from flea markets, a big vintage farmhouse sink, old Belgium tile on the floors (some on the walls too) or a reclaimed antique hardwood floor, and a creamy white SMEG fridge. I get excited to cook just thinking about that arrangement of beautiful things!

Can you put into words how you imagine your dream kitchen? I'd like to hear your thoughts. I just so happen to be in the process of designing one for our new place (we move in 22 days but I'm not counting!!!) so it would be fun to get your input -- I need some kitchen inspiration right now, badly! It's NOT my favorite space to design...

(Images: Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot)