May Your Weekend Be Sweet...

So it's the weekend. I couldn't be happier because I've worked so hard this week and need to spend tomorrow just "being"... no deadlines, no emails, absolutely positively responsibility-free. And then maybe I'll press repeat and do the same again on Sunday morning while my husband goes off to play tennis.

Circle of Life

On Sunday afternoon however, when he gets home, we shall begin packing. One box at a time, weeding through piles -- deciding what should join us for the next adventure and what should be donated or recycled. This process can be very time-consuming but rewarding. The reward comes when you unpack on the other side and open your eyes to a delicious mix of things in each box that you actually need and want vs. boxes of random bits that will end up stuffed away in yet another bottomless drawer. Cleaning the clutter is so rewarding. Out with the old, sweep away the past and move confidently into the future. This is what moving gives you a chance to do, which is why I think so many of us can say we enjoy the idea of going into a new space. It's a clean slate. Why bring boxes of junk to unload. Thoughtful packing is a process... but it's worth it once you arrive and find yourself carefully placing objects around that you connect to, that you use, that your family enjoys.

What will you do this weekend? Tomorrow I will go with my family to an Autumn-themed garden festival, Germans do these fests so well and beautifully... and with my camera in hand, I'll seek out some inspiration which will most likely include candy, baked goods, soups, cheese stacked neatly on tables, fresh breads and many pretty plants, containers, gifts and flowers. I'm feeling inspired already!

It is turning into Autumn now...  is this happening where you live too? The crisp weather, cool evenings, a most beautiful and fresh scent in the air (so hard to put into words, but do you know what I mean?), Autumn is my favorite season. Leather coats and knee socks, sign me up! The air is different from Spring fresh air, Fall air has these lovely almost sharp notes of autumn things -- fruits and even tart rustic notes. The air is like diving into a huge leaf pile -- only sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg and tossed with baked apples -- one that you leap into over and over again burying your nose in the crunchy, colorful layers... that smell, it's intoxicating. Autumn is both bitter and sweet, and I just love it. I could never live without four seasons, even during the hardest days of winter I never long to be a southern girl again. Fall is worth those cold months that follow, it's so worth it. If you love this season and are also preparing for it, welcoming it with great pleasure, then you have a kindred spirit in me. I have the fever, too.

I wish you a weekend that feels very long, creative, emotionally satisfying and restful. A weekend that recharges your batteries so that you can begin again on Monday morning, going straight into a new week to do some of your best work ever.

Much love to you my blog friends. xo

(image: thorsten becker)