Enjoy The Weekend!

I've really enjoyed our week together, thank you for your visits, comments and general amazingness! This week has been busy for me but I went and got myself a nasty little head cold so I had to lay low today as I'm finally starting to feel better after a week of moaning and whining... so I chilled a bit today because I need to get my energy up -- I'm moving next week and so there is no time to be sick!

Happy Friday

I found this image in the latest copy of VTWonen, a Dutch mag that I subscribe to, and I just love the idea of taking tears from magazines to form a house-shaped inspiration wall. Fun! It also put me into the "moving into a new house" mood. I went into the new place a few days ago to measure the windows and have a general look around and I left feeling so inspired and happy because I really "feel" this space. I need to pack and get things organized because I am just dying at this point to move in. So, that's what I'll be up to this weekend in addition to some fun social stuff that I have going on.

What about you? What will you do? Want to come help me pack? :)

See you on Monday!

(image: vtwonen)