Cosima Sempill Ceramics

Good morning and happy new week to you! A new week means new possibilities, which is always exciting as you never know what good things can happen between now and Friday. Sounds a bit chipper, I know, but it's how I handle Mondays because I am the girl who could easily live in a never ending weekend! Thinking positively gets me through -- I believe that if you smile and think positive, then good things seem to find you. Take for instance this good thing: Ceramicist Cosima Sempill who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. Cosima comes from a creative family and spent an early part of her childhood in South Africa, which no doubt influenced her work. Having creative surroundings and a supportive family can work wonders!

Cosima Sempill

After studying ceramics at the Glasgow School of Art, Cosima decided to live in Edinburgh and launch her business under the name Kitty & Dude. From quirky mugs to cupcakes, flying pigs, clip on birds and Russian nesting dolls that you can't stack -- she is not afraid to express herself through her work and as a result, has found success and joy in it though she is also quite flexible when it comes to what she does for a living (something I appreciate) because in her bio she says, "I love my job but if it doesn't stick I'd love to be a stylist. My dream job would be working for Elle Decor- swoon. Also dream of eating mangoes and making pots in the sunshine, preferably the South African Sunshine."

I like that bio. It's honest and something that I can closely relate to because I've had made "jobs" in my life and love to try new things though we all know society as a whole still seems to discourage it. Living a somewhat "career vagabond" lifestyle, as I call it, is the only way I know as I have a creative soul and can become bored easily if my life becomes too predicable. What about you? Can you relate?

If you'd like to learn more about Cosima then you can read a lovely interview on the Home Plus Scotland website right here. You can also purchase some of her things at Papa Stour online.

(images: cosima sempill and rosie brown)