See You Monday!

I'm taking a long weekend (ha ha beginning on a Wednesday, it's nice to own your own company isn't it?!?) and flying to Istanbul in a few hours! I'll be in Turkey on a long overdue vacation since I've not taken a single one this entire year. By the time most of you read this post I'll be there and I'm staying until Monday so I'll blog again as soon as I get home to share trip highlights with you. I plan to use all of the wonderful links you left here on this post, so thanks for your amazing help. I can't wait to see such a vibrant, historical and lovely city by the sea. It should be quite an experience.

Going to Instanbul!

I will meet you back here again on Monday and then I'll be blogging again full-time until my next trip in January where I'll be spending a week in Paris but until then, you have me 100% -- just like old times! :)

Much love to you, dear readers.

(image: rugs from dhoku - I plan to check them out while there...)