Happy Weekend Friends!

Hello and also goodbye for now... I'm signing off until Monday but then I'll join you again for another week of inspiration and pretty things to make your week a nice one.

Nikki Catalano

The art shown above is by Australian illustrator Nikki Catalano who sells her work in her Big Cartel shop. It's so dreamy and detailed, I love the collages -- especially Girl On The Mountain Top -- isn't that so pretty? You know what is so funny though? So much of the art that I'm drawn to is so youthful you know? I am careful to not display all of my art everywhere in the house because I fear it will end up looking like Holly's Playland. What to do? Well, my idea is to show the illustrative, dreamy stuff that I love in the guest bedroom on an art wall where I can place the work as part of a gallery display but also in a room that is off from the main rooms so that my husband doesn't have to be exposed to my dream-like art every day and so that I can go into the guest room which will double as a place for me to relax and read and find quiet inspiration.

What do you think? Where do you display your more youthful + pinky pastel artwork?

Well dear friends, I will be shopping and decorating and cleaning my home all weekend but I'll meet you back here soon enough... much peace and joy to you. xo

(images: nikki catalano)