Knack Studio: Refurbished and Fabulous!

Knack Studio in my home state of South Carolina really has the knack for making my day (I know, corny intro) and making me feel super inspired when it comes to giving old furniture a new life. Designer Barb Blair is so talented, whenever I peek into her etsy shop I find some cute piece of furniture given a creative face lift that I wish I could order and have shipped over here to me. I always find something I like. For instance take this blue gray distressed piece...

Knack Studio

Cute, right? It is called Aziel and goes for $625 so while not exactly bargain basement prices, you have to remember that these pieces are vintage and have one-of-a-kind paint jobs with unique hardware so no two are alike. Try that at most stores... Making $625 seem really worth it considering what time and effort must have been invested in restoring this little girl...

What made me think about Knack today? Easy. She commented earlier on my blog! I love when people comment because often it's a reminder to a very busy me to have a peek in on someone that I've been a bad girl at keeping up with. In this case, Barb's comment connected me back to her amazing world (Thanks, Barb!) and now I can share the good vibes by showing you her work in case you've not seen it before.

Knack Studio

Next there is Imogen in pumpkin orange with blue knobs, Nelly in sunshine yellow (so cute!), or the Rachel in gray with yellow knobs. But wait! There's more beautiful pieces to be inspired by... Like this incredilicious black dresser with the floral motif and this stunner of a dresser in turquoise. I mean seriously Barb, it's not fair that you are so creative - you make us look at those curbside finds in a whole new light.

Knack Studio

What do you think about Barb's work? Did you catch the store tour that I shared here on decor8 in March of '09? If so, you don't have to miss it a second time. CLICK HERE to see the gorgeously inspiring Knack shop. Enjoy!

(images: barb blair)