New: Etsy Taste Test

Today marks the launch of the new Taste Test tool on the Etsy site where you click on the stuff that you like and then they curate a taste map for you. While it's not 100%, and certainly not as personal as round ups curated by your favorite bloggers, it certainly is a valuable new tool that I found to be fun and helpful. There is a lot on Etsy to see, and that can be a problem for some who don't have the time to spends hours a week on their site clicking through sites and merchandise. Etsy is trying to deal with this needle in a haystack problem, but I think they're definitely on the right path and overall, Taste Test is a great leap in the right direction. Here are some things that it discovered for me, not bad, eh!?

Etsy Taste Test

1 /  Groundwork 2 /  Seal Maiden 3 /  Groundwork 4 /  Ele Handmade 5 /  Groundwork 6 /  Irena Sophia 7 /  Alicia Bock

Etsy Taste Test

A /  Groundwork B /  Bucktoothed Bunny C /  Lucy Snowe Photography D /  Visual Musings

Etsy Taste Test

E /  Amber Alexander F /  Lucy Snowe Photography G /  Irene Suchocki Photography H /  Prunella Soap

It is all very warm and cozy, which is how I'm feeling lately as we've had a lot of snow here, I have the candles on at home all day, watching the birds play in the snow outside of my window... And I've been listening to lots of tunes by Coralie Clement, Ayo, A Fine Frenzy and Lenka while drinking a lot of Kusmi tea since I got a little sick this morning. It's funny how my mood is reflected so perfectly in what I selected through Taste Test -- that's a pretty good little tool!

If you have time, give Taste Test a try and tell me what you think!

(images: linked to their sources above.)