Listening To Amy Seeley

Going forward into the new year I plan to toss up a quick weekly post called, "Listening To..." with the goal of sharing some of my favorite tunes with all of you. I think there is just so much amazing talent out there and because I get so much of my inspiration through music it seems like a natural fit to work it in somehow on decor8. So this week I'm listening to... Amy Seeley.


Above is the stunning cover of her new album, Plum Coulee. I just adore the room... so let us look at it again, shall we?


Oh yes, I still love it... beautiful. But I think I prefer seeing her in the room as the contrast of her gorgeous black dress looks so stunning in this white setting with that gorgeous concrete floor. Lovely. But beyond that, the music. Ah yes, the sound of Amy Seeley is perfection, like melting chocolate, raindrops against the window, the feeling of velvet on bare skin. I have her last album, Eight Belles, playing right now in fact. I'm listening to I've Got Ideas. Here are the lyrics...

"I’ve got ideas that might make the paper someday Got folded up maps showin' where I’m gonna be I’ve got dreams that could sail a boat to the east Pages and pages and pages of drawings.... But that don't mean so much If you're not in my story with me."

(images: amy seeley)