See You In 2011!

Oh my dear friends, what a year we've had together, apart, online and off -- it's been a wild and crazy ride and I'm so happy to know and welcome you here each day. This year was a biggie for me and so now I simply must take a break from the internet, my lovely blog, and my normal schedule and just chill out. Rest and relaxation can do much to plant new seeds of creativity and so I'll be offline collecting and planting for just a bit... I encourage you to do the same, you'll be happier for it!

See You Next Year xo

Thank you for reading decor8, for being my friends and for all of your comments and support this year. You are each beautiful, kind and very special to me and I hope you know how much you have touched my life.

I will sign off until Wednesday, January 5th but after that, I'll be back to the normal schedule. Enjoy the season and all the beautiful things that it brings. Be safe, warm, have joy and most of all -- spread love and watch it grow for you in 2011!



(image: holly becker for decor8)