The Creative Finder

I received some information about The Creative Finder and thought it could potentially be a good resource to share with those of you looking to either find or hire someone in a creative field OR if you want to find work or share your portfolio online. MySpace has become the spot for indie musicians to network, perhaps The Creative Finder will be a sort of MySpace for creatives? Only time will tell.

Orleah Murphy

Orlagh Murphy, Illustrator, Ireland

For now, have a look around and tell me what you think. There are not many portfolios on the site yet but let's hope they'll grow because the potential is there. The only problem I see is that it doesn't seem to be curated so it could become difficult for companies to use this site if it is not curated somehow -- I think that is the main reason why so many companies work straight through agents to find talent, this work is all done for them. Perhaps The Creative Finder can think of a way to make it work long term.

About The Creative Finder, "The Creative Finder is a global directory that targets businesses looking to hire professional creatives such as illustrators, photographers, designers, and art directors.... it is also a platform that allows creatives to manage their works and maximize their exposure towards decision-makers across all industries and countries, via both online and offline channels."

Alli Coate

Alli Coate, Illustrator, USA

You can find the work of stylists, photographers, illustrators, music composers and more on this site AND if you are a creative looking to network, why not join (a basic account is free) and see what happens? Spread the word if you feel this site could be helpful to you and your friends, too!

(images: the creative finder)