Lígia Casanova Interior Design

Hello friends! Before I sign off for the weekend I want to direct you to the site of Lígia Casanova, an interior designer with an inspiring kitchen + dining room in her online portfolio. I know that the photos are quite light, that is how they appear on her website so there is unfortunately not much I can do to Photoshop them -- but they're still very inspirational.

Lígia Casanova Interiors

Lígia Casanova Interiors

Lígia Casanova obtained her master's degree in graphic design back in 1987 and went on to work in advertising and design until she found her true calling in 1995 as an interior designer. She wants to, "Make Room For Happiness" in all that she does. I feel happy looking at all of the little details in the space from the appliqued curtains to the multi-colored chairs, lighting over the table, pillows on the floor, crochet rug and the lovely art wall in the dining area.

I hope that you, likeLígia, will find ways to make room for happiness this weekend. I can't wait to visit with you again on Monday when Leslie will be back with her monthly dose of Color Me Pretty to inspire your creativity for January -- she is shooting in her studio this weekend so prepare for gorgeous results on decor8 Monday morning! Much love to you all. xo

(images: lígia casanova)