Lodekka in Portland

So, this women loses her job and has the genius idea to turn a double decker bus into a vintage shop. Really? Sounds like a lady that I want to know!

Lodekka is a restored British double decker bus (a 1965 Bristol Lodekka, hence the store name) that was transformed into a vintage dress shop and photographed by the talented Leela Cyd Ross who happens to be a great photographer AND a writer for Apartment Therapy's Kitchn site. Located in northeast Portland, Oregon the owner, Erin Sutherland, has created quite a unique and lovely shopping experience for those looking for their next party dress or some sparkly shoes. This whole concept makes me happy, a great space and a women who is so creative and just goes for it. Yay to Erin Sutherland!

Psst: Like jazz music? Erin is also part of a band - The Stolen Sweets. What a talented lady!

Thank you Leela for writing to me to share this gem of a shop!

(images: Leela Cyd Ross)