Good morning, Monday!

I'm so happy Monday is here because now I can work on all of the projects that I need to get done since I couldn't quite relax this weekend with deadlines looming. Today is also a special day because Blogging Your Way began and will continue for the next four weeks. I love teaching online, I can't believe that I'm a month shy of two years of teaching this class - it's crazy to think about how quickly time passes. It's very exciting to teach because each course brings in an entirely new batch of students from all over the world that I can mix and mingle with quite intimately and it's a nice feeling. While students are receiving their new wings to prepare them for a creative journey, I am dusting off my own and discovering new pieces of myself as I work with them. Teaching can be therapeutic, encouraging and eye opening to more than just the pupil! Wings of change

Teaching today...

Unique Gift

Teaching in a room or a closed environment online feels so cozy! I also enjoy passing out homework each week because the idea of inspiring others to really dig deep and peel back the layers excites me. I always wonder what a student will take from the course and most importantly, what will click inside of them that is the one click that will make a difference.

How are you? What did you do this weekend? I spent a lot of time writing lessons for my class and hanging out with some friends, along with my mother-in-law who joined us for dinner on Saturday (so nice to have family in the same district). My mother in Boston got a copy of my book and called me because she was really! excited! and! had! a! ton! of! questions! She made me laugh. That phone call will stay with me for awhile. She was proud of me and that felt nice. No matter how old we get, or how far from home we live, a high five from a parent can be almost as satisfying now as it was when we were kids.

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