Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Hello friends! It's time for me to present this week's picks from Etsy... no rhyme or reason, just some things that are quirky and caught my eye that may tickle your fancy too. I'm not spotlighting five sellers this week, in fact nothing has much to do with "five" at all but if you don't tell I won't. :) Enjoy! Etsy Take Five

I Heart the Golden Girls Zine by Jackie Peppermint, Eco Ballerina Flats in Lime Green by the Generation, I was thinking of the sea print by Laura Amiss, In the Theater of Dreams print by A Fanciful Twist, Maple wooden clock from Off Cut Studio and placemats by Kathy Mellor.

Etsy Take Five

Life is Beautiful print by magalerie, vintage jewel bracelet with gold ribbon by Dreamy Vintage, Rubber stamps by Present and Correct, Sparkling Antique Silver sequin pillow by The Home Centric and a Cup of Tea card by Present & Correct.

Bonus items not shown: white lace porcelain butterfly brooch by andO Design, Gold zig zag headband by Ice Cream Candy and the zigzag pillow by decoyellow.

(images: linked to their sources above)