Stripe Mania!

Yeah yeah, I know, this is a silly post, but a fun one... and I do hope that you'll join in and be a part of the first annual STRIPE MANIA blogger round-up! Okay so I was chatting over at Facebook with my friend Igor in Munich who changed his photo recently to one showing him all dolled up in a striped shirt and we got to talking about stripes and he had this brilliant idea to host a stripey twitter day and then it evolved and now we've come up with a virtual #Stripe Mania party. So, would YOU like to join us?' Would you like to play Stripemania?

Here's what you need to do to play along:

1. Take a self portrait (or have someone take your photo) when you are a wearing a shirt or dress with stripes -- and accessorize if you'd like - have fun, be unique, show your personality and get creative. The photo needs to show your face and at least part or all of your shirt or dress so we can see what you are actually wearing. It also needs to be current, so nothing older than a month -- try to take the photo especially for Stripe Mania. :)

2. Upload the picture to your blog, website, twitpic, flickr, etc.

3. Tweet the link to: @IgorJosif and @decor8 using hashtag #stripemania.

4. Once I see your photo, I'll pin it to this Pinterest board with your blog name and link.

Tweet your pic anytime between now and June 12th. On Monday, June 13th I'll post the photos on decor8 with a big shout out to all who participated. No prizes, nothing to compete for... just to have fun and see how many bloggers actually do wear stripes! And okay, it would be fun to see all of my favorite bloggers out there so this is a bit of a virtual meet and greet, too. Much love to you guys and remember, stripes rule, stripe mania, wear stripes! :)

(images: jcrew who happens to have great stripes!)