Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

I was so happy when a reader, Amy M., commented today to share the work of her talented friend, Katie Vernon, and her beautiful watercolor illustrations. I am always so touched when someone recommends a friend, it's so sweet - she didn't even include a link to her blog or website in the process because she simply wanted me to know about her friend Katie. This speaks volumes about a person, to be willing to do something nice for no reward in return, and I just had to write about Ms. Vernon as a result of Amy's kindness. Well, that and the fact that her work is stunning and inspirational and well, it will make you feel a bit happier after seeing it. At least that is exactly what it did for me. Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

Katie creates one of a kind prints and original pieces to artfully preserve floral memories from events such as weddings and birthdays, graduations and launch parties. I think this idea of sketching something vs. freeze drying flowers, which was a big trend ten years ago, is so much more interesting. I can see freeze drying a boutonnière but not an entire bridal arrangement, where would you put it for goodness sake!?

If you love these beautiful drawings above, you can purchase many of them in her shop online called Chipmunk Cheeks.

Thank you again Amy and also to Katie for such inspirational work!

(images: katie vernon)