Happy Long Weekend!

I'd like to wish each and every reader out there, well friend really, a wonderful long weekend! I say long because in the U.S. it is our 4th of July holiday and though I live abroad I still keep very much to the holiday schedule back home so for me this means a long weekend. I'll be back to blogging again on Tuesday, July 5th. Have a nice weekend!

Have a nice weekend!

I wish you a lovely weekend - I'll be playing around in my craft studio, decorating my work room, and taking some photographs for Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeën who will publish photos of my work room in an upcoming issue along with a four page interview about my life and book that one of their editors just had with me while I was visiting Amsterdam. I'm very excited to see how it comes out and I can't wait to show you. A big thanks to Janneke Romijn for setting this interview up in the first place.

UPDATE: The Decorate Blog Book Tour is in full swing. Here is a list of all of the blogs my book has visited with this week and surprise, Chronicle is so generously giving away copies of the book so below you can find a list of all of the places online where you can win a copy RIGHT NOW by simply commenting and being a little bit lucky. You can enter on all of the blogs if you like to increase your chances, but you can only win once!

  • Oh Joy! - No giveaway but a lovely review from one of my favorite bloggers ever.
  • TomKat Studio - Giveaway and review right here - 232 entries so far!
  • Chronicle Books - Giveaway on their blog - 178 entries!
  • Plush Palette - No giveaway but a fab review from Rue's own Crystal Gentilello.
  • Bloesem - Another favorite blogger giving away Decorate, thanks Irene so much! 166 entries so far!
  • Tulips & Flight Suits - A lovely, heartfelt review and a giveaway of the book - 21 entries so far!
  • Hooray - Another beautiful review and a chance to win Decorate - 23 entries so far! Go, go, go everyone, win some books!

Oh this makes me so happy, seeing all of these blogger collegues of mine on this book tour with me. Thank you Hooray and everyone for your participation this week!

See you on Tuesday!

(images: holly becker for decor8)