Spotlight On: Fiona Wallpaper

I love this website and wallpaper company, Fiona, which doubles as a play zone for people like us who like to experiment with different wallpapers in-situ to see how they could look in our home. This site is so brilliant, I love the locations - you can choose between Danish country or Danish city - and then different rooms in each location which give you a chance to play around a bit more. The Danish country location is the home of Tine Kjeldsen, also found in my book, so some of the rooms may look familiar to you -- if so, that's why. :) Fiona Wallpaper

Interesting to see the same wall five different ways above, isn't it? My favorite one ended up being the last one - funny!

Have fun playing and hopefully you'll find a beautiful wallpaper to use in your home - you can buy directly from Fiona online.

(images: screenshots from fiona wallpaper.)