Thank you, LA!

Last night was my book signing and mood board demo at Anthropologie at The Grove and it went so, so well. I had a really good time and loved meeting everyone so thank you for coming out despite how amazing the weather was and that it was scheduled at a rough time given LA rush hour. For those of you who couldn't make it, the event was just great and I met lots and lots of wonderful people. I want to especially thank Betsy Burnham for speaking (she is so amazing) and sharing her mood boards and process as well as Leslie Shewring for talking about how she maintains her creative side despite being a busy mother. It was really fun to speak alongside of these very talented and creative ladies. decoratebook2

NOTE: My flight to Philadelphia was canceled due to the hurricane so I'm not 100% sure that I'll make it to Philadelphia in time for the Monday night signing, but we'll see if the weather cooperates and I'll definitely keep everyone posted here on decor8 so you know for sure whether or not my Philly stop is still on schedule for Monday evening. Until then, I'm going to go out and enjoy warm + sunny LA today and I wish all of my dear friends on the east coast a nice weekend, I know it's pretty stressful over there currently with the hurricane and I hope you stay safe and sound.

(image: Lindsey Sherrod)