Vintage Velvet Wreath DIY

Looking to add a little color ka-pow to your life? This DIY submission that I received today from Danielle Thompson made me smile so I have to share... Maybe it's my inner art school teacher wanting to come out and play or perhaps the quirky charm that just screams retro fabulousness, who knows? Whatever it is, you can customize this velvet ring 'o joy to reflect your own style and for the season, how fun to have something offbeat and fun vs. the typical pine variety soon to adorn doors everywhere... You know the ones... with the gigantic red velvet bows (yawn). DIY


To make a wreath of your own and for the full tutorial, visit Danielle's blog and she'll show you exactly how she put this bad boy together. Enjoy!

(images: danielle thompson)

MakeHolly Becker8 Comments