Inspiration While I'm Away

During the next few weeks on decor8, posts will be very light as I'm taking a break from writing to enjoy a mini vacation. I plan to read a few books, decorate my home, eat a little, drink a bit more than usual and be merry a lot. While I'm Away

I'll still post lightly during the weeks ahead but mostly visual inspiration with very little text and of course, some lovely links. My regular schedule of blogging will resume on Monday, January 9, 2012. When I return, I will have some great news to share as this winter will be a very busy time for me with lots of new projects to share with everyone. That's why I need a break to breath and organize before the big things start to consume my life entirely in the new year.

Much love and enjoy this most beautiful ending to what was, for me, a very happy 2011. With 2012 drawing nearer and nearer I wonder what it will bring for us all, don't you?

(Photo by Jamie Beck for the amazing Cup of Jo.)