Quotes Can Be Nice

I love quotes, don't you? I find quick bites of positivity or quirk a bit uplifting -- even the tongue in cheek quotes are fun because they often say what many of us lack the courage to. This is one I particular like this week because it's so true, right!?  I thought I'd share some quotes that I've been collecting over the past few weeks though I have tons more pinned here although some of those are definitely cheeky and not so G rated so viewer beware! These below are tame and good thoughts so enjoy them today as you go about your business... Quotes can be nice

Quotes can be nice

a. via moline (source unknown, if you know please tell me so I may credit the artist). b. Ben Liney c. Lindsay Whitehead d. via Jenna Roton (if you know who made this let me know so I can credit them!) e. Ashley G. f. Urban Outfitters g. We Love Typography and h. Urban Outfitters.

Psst: My last post sharing quotes-as-artwork was in May of 2011 and you can catch that here if you missed it for more great art.

(images linked above to where they were sourced.)