Interior Swings - Hot or Not?

Have you noticed that interior swings, particularly popular in loft spaces, seem to be catching on more and more? You will even spot a few swings in my book, purposely put there because I thought they were fun though admittedly quirky and unconventional. When I got a press release this morning from Svvving, I just had to show you their, "Exceptional interior swings for adults" to get your honest opinion. So here's what I'm referring to... Hot or not - interior swings?

From Svvving, "Ideal for large residential areas and lofts interiors spaces, this beautiful unusual object used alone or in pairs, can also find its place in the living room, the chamber, the bathroom, the office, the reception, the waiting room, the lobby of a hotel or coffee lounge, for everyday small pleasures."

And a little swing music to get you in the mood - though an entirely different swing altogether! But fun still!

SO! Interior Swings -- hot or not? You tell me!

(image: svvving)