Tah-da! I'm Back!

Hello friends! I'm back from a mini time off - Easter weekend here in Germany is equivalent to Christmas so things completely shut down for days and you are forced into down time whether you want it or not. Personally, I needed it. I have been working non-stop on several projects lately so I had to turn off and step away from the internet for a bit. I missed you though! It's always so hard to step away, because one always feels like they are missing out. Do you ever feel this way?


I've been writing online now for quite awhile and so I'm locked into a routine and just go, go, go and push, push, push! It takes a holiday, getting ill, working on a shoot or something like that to push me away from my desk. I'm glad I took the extra long weekend off but my inbox didn't seem to slow down and my work has piled up so it's time to pay for my absence. Oh dear, right? You must relate to this. We have to pay for our freedom in one way or another and if a full inbox is my only stress then I consider myself lucky.

I'm so happy to be back to blogging again though, and though this week and next will be super light with posts because Debi Treloar is coming to work with me on this in my home next week for a few days and I'm busy preparing for her visit, I'm still around and will pop in throughout this week to keep you posted.

How are you? Did you take time off for Easter? What did you do? Are your jeans tight from all of the chocolate? Mine are. I started detoxing today. I'm sure to be a total crab/pain in the butt for the next few days... ha! Do you get crabby when you detox? Oh my goodness it's not a fun time for me but I'll be better off for it!

I've inserted a darling video above from kids company bla bla. I love their soft toys and I thought it was so precious. I also inserted a video about a cat that also caught my eye and made me smile. After a long weekend I find a little humor is needed because really, breaking back into a routine is no fun is it?

See you soon! Smile and tell me how you are if you have a moment....

(image: blah blah kids)