15 Clever Ideas For Instagram Photos

I'm so in love with the idea of turning Instagram photos into something more -- prints, a canvas, stickers, mini books, wall art - any and all ideas work for me - bring it! Last year, I turned a bunch of my own photos into art using ixxi in the Netherlands. I also gave my husband a present by turning some of his Instagram photos into ixxi wall art too. He was so happy when they arrived and immediately assembled them and installed it above his desk (You can see it here). 15 Ideas For Instagram Photos

I'm guessing that if you are Istagram-obsessed like me, you must have recurring thoughts of turning them into something real too. My ideas motivated me to do some research to see what is out there and I found 15 cool ideas for Istagram photos that I've listed for you below. Ready to check them out?

1. As mentioned already, ixxi. I was surprised by how nice mine came out given that each square is pretty big. They look great!

2. Turn them into a canvas with instacanvas or canvaspop.

3. Sell them in your own shop here to your fans like nini_cb. Love her work!

4. Turn them into tiny books using Printstagram or larger ones with Blurb.

5. Turn them into sticker books or giant stickers.

6. Have you thought to make them into mini matte photos? This is my favorite idea. I am going to place an order as soon as I finish writing this post!

7. What about a spiral bound mini book?

8. Or a t-shirt (this option will be available soon here).

9. How about a poster with a black or white border?

10. Perhaps a memory box with every photo you've ever taken on Instagram?

11. How about magnets?

12. I know, you'd like a custom iPhone case!

13. Turn them into ceramic tiles of all sizes and shapes.

14. Everyone loves pillows! Eep!

15. Create a calendar.

15 Ideas For Instagram Photos

15 Ideas For Instagram Photos

15 Ideas For Instagram Photos


Any of these ideas catch your eye? I'm very keen on the mini photos (No. 6) and the iPhone case (No. 12). Stickers sound fun too!

(images: printstagram and casetagram)