Artist Masanobu Hiraoka

When I spotted these videos from Japanese artist Masanobu Hiraoka I was completely and utterly taken. What a beautiful display of art and music, so sensitive and colorful, deep yet light... What talent! Take a look at them please and see what you think..

What I find so inspiring about Masanobu is that this all comes completely natural and he learns on his own... He hasn't attended college showing that oftentimes our passion and talent needs no formal education but simply a will to follow through with our heart's desires.Sometimes we get stuck thinking we have to go back to school to pursue what we want so there is something on "paper" but not always...

A little more about his background can be found at Je Regarde, a French studio who reps his work, "Masanobu graduated from Momoyama high school (general education) in 2006. He then started to work but could not give up his dream : being an animator. He started to learn animation by himself and is a completely self-educated artist. He now lives and works in Tokyo as a free-lance animator in advertising or music video for clients such as UNIQLO. Next to this, he creates his own animations based on metamorphosis and strange or impossible motions he sets up in an unlikely reality."

How do these videos make you feel? What do they mean to you?