New decor8!

I'm so happy to share with you the redesign of my blog, decor8! I decided to change it awhile ago but never made the time until earlier this year when I thought, "Enough is enough - time for change!" and have been working with MWA Design in London, Mark Wilson's firm, along with illustrator Samantha Hahn, to spruce up my site. I'm so grateful to see the completion of this project today and while we're still building some of the pages, I'm so happy with it. Mark also redesigned my decor8 e-course site so that everything works together and I am so pleased. New decor8!

I particularly loved Mark's idea to add a Decorate It! feature (to your right) so you as the reader can customize the background. Try it, it's fun! I think I'll change these from time to time but for now, the patterns are really nice I think and the overall site looks and feels like me so I'm very happy with it. I wanted something very easy to navigate, uncluttered and more professional looking without losing the handmade, tactile touches that I love so much.

I hope you like my new logo and the new decor8 blog - I'm so happy to reveal it! Thank you Mark and Simon from MWA Design, illustrator Samantha Hahn and my husband Thorsten who worked closely with Mark and Simon from beginning to end.