DIY: Spray Paint Plastic Animals

I found this cute idea and had to share it quickly because painting wooden, ceramic and plastic animals has been popping up here and there throughout the years but I've not found a dedicated post yet to it with so many lovely examples. Until now! This was posted on the Living Gazette.

DIY Animals

What a fun and easy DIY project - all you need is a little paint and patience, though not much of both! My kind of project. Spray and go! I imagine you could even use nail lacquer on the plastic animals... Anyway, have fun with this and see if you can find some spare animals laying around the toy box. NOTE: Just make sure the little one doesn't chew on them after you've decided to repurpose toys into decor items! Eek.

Have you ever tried this idea? How did it turn out for you?

(images: the every girl and glitter guide)