German Stylist Peter Fehrentz

Hi everyone! How is your week going so far? I'm getting ready to go on Martha Stewart Radio - live on the radio and on the web - in a little over 3 hours from now and I'm so nervous but also excited because I don't know what to expect - I've only done radio in Germany so far. (If you want to listen in, read this post for a little how to.) Ha! Okay, so as most of you know, I'm an American living in northern Germany for three years, in fact my 3rd anniversary just passed in August and I'm so impressed by the talent that I see here - there is always something new to stimulate me and I love that. You know how it is when you first relocate though,  you 'think' something will be amazing, you are scared to do it, but you do it because you know it will be good for you and then it turns out better than you had imagined. That's my story. Peter Fehrentz

Of course, relocation has it's ups and downs... Happy turns to frustration for a while (usually after the first year) but finally this unbelievable will to succeed kicks in that just drives you forward. Can you relate? We humans are so adaptable, aren't we? What we think may be a true test ends up being the best moment of our life. Good for us.

Peter Fehrentz

But yes, I feel lucky to live somewhere that has a lot of cool stuff going on in the world of art, design, styling, decorating, food, social media and blogging... My favorite things. I enjoy highlighting the talent that exists in other countries on decor8 simply because I think opening our eyes to outside influences  - ones we may not have a chance to interact with on a regularly basis before the great big internet took over - is thrilling, it's the stuff that sweetens life!

Peter Fehrentz

For instance, I found out recently that German stylist, Peter Fehrentz, has a book, Made By Yourself, coming out soon and I can't wait to buy it. He does stories for lots of the big magazines here and is quite talented. I wonder how it will be - if the cover is any indication then I think we're in for a treat.

Peter Fehrentz

Perhaps he is one to watch... But this is what I mean, I'm always finding something fresh and new in such a small country (compared to the USA) and I'm inspired!

(images: peter fehrentz)