Read & Listen: Martha Stewart Radio + me!

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you! I'm NOT in new week mode yet, you'll have to forgive me as I'm dragging a bit today but I hope that you are doing well and that you had a superfabulish weekend! I enjoyed a little relaxation time and did some shopping for things that I want to use in my upcoming workshop that I'm planning with a good friend (we are going to run a weekend creative blogging workshop in my city for only 12-15 very special ladies - we take you eating, shopping, to our favorite places, we teach you, work from my studio taking photos and blogging, oh my goodness it's going to be fun!) but I also spent time planning for my upcoming ONLINE class - Blogging Your Way: Boot Camp - that kicks off this Friday, October 5th. I guess it was a little work and a little play for me. What did you do over the weekend? I'm on Martha Stewart!

I quickly want to let you know, since some of you inquired last week via Twitter and Facebook, that the interview Martha Stewart Radio had with me last week went great even though I was a nervous wreck - it was fun to be on the radio but the time difference meant I was live at nearly midnight (I was tired!) BUT I felt honored to be on Kevin Sharkey's show, Home Design. He kindly ran an extended interview with me on the Martha Stewart website too, you can read it here BUT if you want to HEAR me on the radio show you can listen HERE - we recorded it for you! :) On the show, I talk about decorating from why it is so important to honor your personal style at home to my 8 decorating steps, mood boards, planning, and more! Kevin also gave a great tip about how he sorts through piles of magazines - but you have to listen to hear it. :) I know, I'm a tease!!!!



Back in a moment with some inspiration for the day that I have a feeling you will love! Stay tuned...

xo, Holly