Wanted: Goody Bag Tote Sponsor!

Good morning friends! What's going on in your part of the world? It's a bit chilly here and overcast but I'm ready to face a new week because there is lots to work on. Did you know that I'm hosting a workshop at my home studio next month? It is sold out, which I am so thankful for, but after scheduling it I quickly realized that I need to do a second event in the new year because we had to turn away so many wonderful ladies... I feel sad about that. I know how much we all crave friendship, inspiration and creative business ideas and for me to host this type of even in my private home is a joy but next time, I'm thinking to either get a larger space so I can fit more ladies (like our NYC workshop that I did with Leslie Shewring) or continue to limit them to 15 students and host more of them. Class Prep

It's a bit tricky though because I don't have a lot of time to host lots of these events at home. I put so much time and energy into hosting them. There's of course the class itself and preparing what you will teach, but then there are goody bags, catering, decorating, correspondence, working with sponsors, making things, cleaning your home so that it's just perfect and making everything shine, shine, shine! It's way more work than hosting at offsite locations - hosting workshops in your private home is a pretty big deal but I see a lot more in my future so I'm definitely going to host more. I'm thinking of how to approach future workshops... Maybe just a good mix of small, medium and large and have some at home, others offsite. I have been teaching for years but mostly in conference rooms, hotel event spaces, large retail stores and cafes but until now, I've only taught very small groups at home. Having 15 ladies is a big jump for me - and I can't WAIT to welcome them in December. I love connecting with creatives live in addition to online so I need to keep moving forward with teaching for 2013. I love it - it makes me so happy. :)

Class Prep

Class Prep

Today I'm going through all of our sponsor goody bag loot. It's exciting to start laying things out and seeing how they all work together to fit our theme: creative inspiration for 2013. Sponsors working with Steffi and I so far include:

* Ferm Living * Chronicle Books * Bertine * RICE * Bloomingville via Mein Cupcake * Rosa Cosa * Kusmi Tea * Feine Billetterie * Wednesday Paper Works

NOW I'm looking for a tote bag sponsor - I found lots on Etsy but small companies are often so reluctant to provide products in exchange for marketing/promotional opps - but I'd love to find a sponsor for linen tote bags that have some neon pink accents. I'll let you know what I come up with - I may have to buy the totes myself at the local craft store and get crafty with some paint. I have a few ideas. :)

After the event, which runs from December 7-9, 2012, I'll post photos showing the final goody bag loot, how I decorated the space, photos from the welcome party (location currently top secret) and more fun stuff so that you can see how the workshop went and maybe be inspired a little bit. Who knows, maybe you can host your own workshops at home or from your work studio eventually too?

(images: holly becker)