Crush: Multi-colored Hardwood Herringbone Floors

I have a total design crush today on a totally rockin' floor. My friend, Charlotte, was recently in Thailand and since I follow her on Istagram, I was glued to her photo stream the whole time wondering what she would find. As a designer and owner of Rice, a huge Danish lifestyle brand, I never know what will catch her eye next. One photo that she posted made my heart leap and I thought, OH YES, BABY! It was of a floor at the Stella McCartney shop in Bangkok - multi-colored hardwood herringbone floors.Oh my. Crush: Multi-colored Hardwood Herringbone Floors

The photo she posted got my creative wheels turning. Why not try a temporary version for a party as an accent using washi tape? I immediately started to tape my floor in my home studio where Steffi and I are hosting a blogger workshop next month. I wanted to see if perhaps I could tape the floors in different spots for the weekend simply to give it a creative touch. I like it and plan to keep going with it in various spots, definitely not the entire floor but here and there... I wish I had the really wide washi tape, doing it in thin strips took about 5 per piece of wood and well, it looked a bit cheesy... So I'm thinking to just do thin strips like this and maybe mix in other colors too - like orange and yellow to match our workshop colors. I love that washi tape is so versatile - it doesn't ruin your floors if you leave it on temporarily. Over time, I don't know... But for a weekend, I'm thinking this could be super cute.

Washi tape on my floors

But my goodness, aren't those Stella floors insane!?

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(image: stella mccartney & holly becker for decor8