See You Tuesday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I've had a hard time getting my internet groove back this week but after writing my lecture for Monday's keynote, I definitely can't wait to go to Cologne to present and meet everyone - I'm ready! Bring it! We will have a great round-up of companies and international bloggers in attendance. I certainly hope that if you're attending imm, that you'll stop by and join us for #wearesocial (more details here). It is free to enter our social media love den, so don't worry, we won't be charging you to hang out with us. It would be lovely to welcome you! Photobucket

How has your week been? Lots of my friends had difficulties getting back into the swing of things, are you in that group too?  And how are your new year's resolutions going? I've been so involved in other things that I totally forgot to write a list! My primary goal at the moment is to get through Monday and then I can really focus on the rest of the year because I'm a tad bit nervous (okay a lot!) especially since I'm speaking before such a diverse audience. Perhaps I should spend Monday morning at a good cocktail bar. That would make for a more entertaining discourse, I'm certain. ;)

On Monday, you can follow the lecture and panel online over at Twitter by following #wearesocial - and if you have questions for the panel on Monday, I'll check Twitter as we go and if I see yours and if it's relevant, I'll ask our panel and credit you, of course! Our event is from 2-4 pm GMT +1 - not sure how many of my American friends will be up and tweeting then but I'd love to here from those in other parts of the world who are! Until then, be well!

And... If you are looking for decorating inspiration this weekend, be sure to refer to the beautiful Est magazine. This photos above is from issue no. 4 and it's a stunner. Love Est!

(Photo: Lotte F via Est magazine)