Kantha Quilts from AU Maison

Your friends read your blog. Really. Don't think for a second they don't. I assumed that since my pals hang out with me offline that the last thing they want is more of me online, but it seems I am wrong. Most of my friends read this blog and take what I write about here pretty seriously, especially when I talk about things I need or want -- from emotional support to a new vase. A blog truly is a very public Dear Diary entry, that's for sure. Sometimes this can be a really good thing because your friends can really know your taste and through their blog, you can learn more about what they love. This comes in really helpful when gift giving. au maison

Do you remember my post last September about vintage Kantha quilts? My dear friend Tinna remembers and evidently, didn't forget how passionate I was when I wrote about them. Recently, while visiting a design fair in Denmark, she spotted a stack of them at a booth and brought home a gorgeous Kantha quilt for me as a surprise. You can see it in my home below. It's from a Danish company called AU Maison and though I knew about them and own other things from this brand, I had no idea that they stock these quilts. When she gave it to me last night, I wanted to jump up and down but remained as composed as I possibly could despite that I wanted to kiss and hug her to death. This is the best present ever!

kantha quilt

Tinna is an agent for House Doctor and Ferm Living, and she's Danish (though living in Germany for over 20 years now), so she's frequently in Denmark for her work and to attend the big design fairs. I always wonder when she's off on her trips what she is finding and responding to since she has great taste and is very likable and chatty. She is THE perfect person to attend a fair - always looking, talking and isn't afraid to approach people. I'm so glad she approached AU Maison and asked them if she could take home a quilt - what a cool lady, thank you Tinna.

new quilt

I am thrilled to have this and love that there is a little story behind it. Stories make objects so much more special but beyond that,  I am so happy and grateful to have friends in Germany that are like family. Maybe this little blog is more than just a way to reach people who don't know me, perhaps it is reaching those who do. Do you ever think about your blog like that - that it can also draw in your friends even closer to you?

Do you love these quilts from India too?

(images: holly becker for decor8)