You Are Loved

Today is Valentine's Day but for many, it's not a day of love and happiness but a total drag. I was never a fan of V day for this reason - it simply isn't fair to those who haven't found their valentine (yet). And big deal if you have a true love in your life or not, right? Having someone on your arm doesn't define who YOU are. For this reason, I want to dedicate this post to all of my readers - those who have a valentine today and those who are simply thinking, "I really need a lot of cocktails to get through this". I want to let you know that you are loved SO MUCH. Someone out there, if not many someones, love you loads and loads appreciate having you in their life. Like me. You Are Loved

I have some friends going through some pretty rough divorces currently and today isn't their favorite holiday and some of them are going out and partying with their girlfriends (YES! Do it!) and others are simply at home feeling like something is wrong with them because they lost their marriage. Don't assume that everyone partnered is getting roses and chocolates and having hot sex tonight. Honestly, I'm married and I'm cooking lasagna and having over my  mother-in-law and her 60+ year old friends over for dinner and a piano concert afterwards. Nothing hot or Fifty Shades about that.

So anyway, a big hug to ALL OF YOU. You rock. You are loved. And I'll see you tomorrow for some lovely posts and some really good news too!