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Bloggers fasten your seat belts! I'm SO EXCITED to offer you a chance to get involved in an all-new e-course called BLOG BOSS that I'll teach in March along with my blogging friends Irene from Bloesem and Stefanie from OhhhMhhhh. We can't wait to work with students on becoming their very own blog boss because we each have made a business out of our passions and want to share everything - tips and insider's ideas - openly and freely for four weeks of podcasts, videos, webcasts and written materials along with a private student-only forum where you can connect with us and other bloggers around the world. This class will be your big turning point, I'm sure! Enroll Today!

I know that you are very familiar with my work if you are regulars here, but I must highlight the qualifications of my two co-teachers because they are super amazing and inspirational to me personally and I'm so happy they'll be a BIG part of this class. But first, here are the topics we're covering in the March class below which runs from March 1-29.

BLOG BOSS Topics: * BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS: From taxes to business etiquette and business planning for your blog * HOW TO be the EDITOR IN CHIEF of your blog – Taking a magazine approach to content * TEAMING UP with others and how this can work for YOU * WORKING FROM HOME – pros and cons and how we do it * HOW TO Analyze and Critique YOUR BLOG like a magazine staff does * HOW NOT to be a copycat – WAYS to DEVELOP FRESH ideas that NO ONE ELSE has * HOW TO deal with copycats, content theft, and other naughty people * HOW TO FIND AN ANGLE (even if you are on the road with 100 bloggers): 5 story ideas that WORK * PINTEREST tips and tricks * BLOGGING TRENDS that we predict * HOSTING 101: Meet ups, events, workshops and more! * Overcoming BLOG ENVY * Work Life Balance as a mom, wife, etc. * The importance of PLANNING * SMALL INVESTMENTS that can make a BIG difference * STAYING TRUE to your style * Learn how to FOCUS on what you CAN achieve * BLOG Etiquette online and how to deal with people who have none! * Going from Blogger to Book Author * The Importance of your BIO * WHAT EVERY Blog needs on their main page * Blog Case Studies: Blogs That Rock and WHY

More details can be found here, but wow, doesn't this look great? Even for me because I know I'll learn new things from all of you and our co-teachers.

We nearly sold out after I announced this class on Facebook recently but I had to make sure I told you asap because I know so many of you who are blogging and in need of ideas and encouragement and whoa, the classes I teach online are always jam-packed with everything you need to fuel your blog and even your life in general. I've been teaching online since March 2009 long before e-learning became the trend, and to date I've taught over 5,000 students and have invited several lovely bloggers to teach alongside of me. This is the FIRST time though that I thought to create a course all about managing your blog and your life in general. Bloggers ALWAYS ask me how I do it all and if I ever sleep but I actually have a life outside of work and I sleep plenty! I realized that what you really want to know is how I organize my time so I can accomplish so many things at once. I will answer that and much, MUCH more in this class.

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Bloggers Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Thank you so much for listening to this infomercial (!) but seriously you guys, I'm very happy to be teaching this class and can't wait to meet you in class so if you want to be part of the fun and learn a ton you can register HERE - but please do so soon because I'll be closing registration next week!

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