Minty Fresh Inspiration

Isn't mint a relaxing color? I'm seeing it everywhere at the moment and simply love it. It doesn't need to be mixed with other pastel tones, it's fun to pair with bright orange and lime too. There are so many hues and tints and tones of those hues that you can mix with mint. See if you can come up with some palettes of your own below. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Minty Fresh

painting, jacket, anson smart, Gro Sævik.

Minty Fresh

interior magasinet/Gro Sævik

Minty Fresh

man in plaid, Elina Dahl, Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, Griottes.

Minty Fresh

anthropologie, matt wisniewski, Family Circle, Road Trip Finland

Minty FreshPlanete Deco


Fresh and pretty, right? What combination makes your eyes light up?

(images linked to their sources above)