Thoughts On Redecorating & Home Ownership

I've been thinking a lot about redecorating lately. Pinterest doesn't help and neither do my bloggy friends (Ahem ladies Steffi, Bri, Victoria). With so much inspiration around me, the dominos are leaning in my direction and I'm about to fall into the whole redecorating trend too. In fact, it started this morning when I ordered this minty green desk lamp. Now I'm thinking to host a big yard sale in early May so if I do, I'll let you know so you can come help remove things so I can add things again. Ya know, a decorating support buddy system. My sitting room

My home (sitting area shown above, shot by my husband for Decorate Workshop) is in my own book now, and has appeared in magazines and around the web, which gives me that added boost to redecorate again so I can show some new ideas. I love to inspire people and I LOVE to decorate so why not. Plus, I want to paint and wallpaper and buy a new rug and experiment with a new palette and and and AND. Always and.

Mood Board

When I think about changing up everything, I can't help but think back to my childhood and teen years as I ran from home store to garden shop to flea market with my mom picking out things for our home, yard, garden and patio. I remember being in my twenties decorating my apartments in Boston. I constantly moved around trying out new apartments, new roommates, new arrangements of things... I loved the thrill of moving and setting up all over again. It was somehow a kooky hobby of mine. I think I lived in 10 different apartments in 10 years. Each new place held promise of a new decor. A clean slate. And now, several years later, here I am with my husband in northern Germany with a full schedule and very little time to decorate and "play" in my home. I guess when you get older you kinda realize you're a little nuts to move so frequently because it's expensive and a little draining after awhile... though since I got married, I've lived in 5 different addresses so I guess I'm still unsettled. I live in this super gorgeous rental apartment and  I still dream of moving to another one and starting all over again.

But today something happened that scared me a little. I wonder what you will think.

This morning my husband woke me up with a one year plan. He always does this to me... 'heavy talk' first thing in the morning. By this time next year he wants to buy a home or a big city apartment with space for work studios. I sat in my bed thinking, "Honey, can I first shower and get a cup of coffee?". Seriously. A one year plan with my eyes half shut. Yippee.

Then I thought in the shower, OMG. Now that I have saved up and thought about this moment for years I'm anxious. "Do I WANT to buy a home?".

What if I move and find that I just can't stay in the same house for the rest of my life? I worry about this. I moved around a lot as a child and as a young woman - and the pattern seems to work for me. It's not like the real estate market is the same in Germany as it is in America - house flipping and people moving in and out just doesn't work the same here. Plus, my husband would never buy a home only to move out - he'd want that home to be ours for life.

OK so the decorating queen here needs you to help me out this time. Do you guys understand when I talk about settling into a home and the feelings of OMG that accompany that? How many of you are homeowners? Or do you rent? I wonder if you think about moving as much as I do? Does anyone have the redecorating bug right now?

Loads of love to you today - hope to hear from you in my comments section, I'd love to connect.

(image: top Thorsten Becker, bottom Holly Becker)