Pepin van Roojen Gift Wrapping Paper Books

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I just ordered some gorgeous gift wrapping paper books by Pepin van Roojen from Pepin Press in Amsterdam. I just have to share them with you. I found them when I was ordering more origami paper and they popped up in a search. I love the Kimono patterns. I want to see more Japanese papers used in decorating and gift wrapping so perhaps this will be trending soon, who knows? I love the prints and patterns in Pepin's books and hope you will too. Pepin van Roojen Gift Wrapping Paper Books

To find these papers, go to Amazon and search under, "Pepin van Roojen", and type in "Kimono Gift Wrapping Paper Book" or "Art Noveau Gift Wrapping Paper Book" and see what you come up with. She has released many of these books including themes for Barcelona, Turkish designs, India, Florals and more.

There are so many fun and creative projects that you can use these for. Here is something creative that I whipped up lately - maybe you can try it too?

(images: amazon)