Pimp Your IKEA: Superfront

If you want to pimp out your IKEA cabinets, Superfront is definitely THE place to get started. Superfront gives you the ability to create high quality furniture using an IKEA base combined with their collection of 9 fronts, 8 handles, 8 legs -- all in 12 different colours. They make their parts for existing IKEA cabinet bases so if you want to freshen up your existing IKEA kitchen, sideboard or bathroom cabinet now you can! These products are not mass-produced in some faraway land - they are made right in Småland and Dalarna, Sweden. I love the leather handles and the fun legs - this is GREAT. Superfront


I first spotted this on the German blog, raumfeurzwei. What do you think, would you use Superfront? I totally would!

(images: superfront)