Two Loves Studio Blog

This is a really sweet Australian cooking blog that I found on Pinterest called Two Loves by twenty-something Australian Rachel Jane. I'm on the fly today, not a lot of time to write, but I wanted to get some nice posts up anyone to direct you to some super inspirational spots online. Hope you are doing well - it's still freezing, gray and stormy here in northern Germany but my hopes are that next week we will be transported to sunshine and spring-like weather, I'm dying to do over my balcony, it's such a mess! Two Loves

Two Loves

Oh and don't miss her HOW TO for creating backgrounds to shoot food on - perfect for the food photographer's and stylists out there who are just learning how to get started with shooting your own yummy creations.

two loves

Enjoy Two Loves and try not to lick the screen!

(images: two loves studio)