Kerrie Brown Lighting

I'm not finished yet talking about lights and these from Kerrie Brown Design Studio in Sydney are sooooo nice. My columnist, Jillian Leiboff, told me about Kerrie's work this morning and I loved her lighting immediately. Here are a few photos for a little show and tell. Kerrie Brown Design Studio

Kerrie Brown Design Studio

Kerrie Brown Design Studio

I had a good look around her website and really fell in love - very quirky and colorful... I can really see these shades being sold at Liberty in London, can't you? In addition to lampshades, you can find pillows, wallpaper, blind, fabric, headboards, cabinets and more. I was fascinated to learn that Kerrie is actually an Academy Award nominated set decorator and interior designer - what a fantastic background! She's worked on the sets of The Quiet American, Mission Impossible, The Chronicles of Narnia and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark.

Wouldn't it be an amazing job to be a set designer for major motion pictures?

(images: jillian lieboff)