New! Sweet Paul Kids Issue

I'm was so excited when Paul Lowe asked me to be a contributor to his very special issue for Kids that just released, thank you Paul! Inside this issue, I wrote an article about decorating for kids and how to go about it in an easy and fun way for you and your child. I loved writing the article and included only rooms that I styled for my book, photographed by Debi Treloar, to illustrate some of my tips. It came out so cute, thank you Paul for having me! Decorating For Kids by Holly Becker

Decorating For Kids by Holly Becker

To read the article and see the rest of his beautiful magazine, please click here and turn to page 49. The image above is from the home of Sania Pell in London, I loved working in that room for my second book, thank you Sania - it was such a sweet little place to play. The other rooms are from homes I styled for Decorate Workshop in Paris, Den Hague, Amsterdam and London.

Congrats Paul on another lovely magazine!

(image: debi treloar)