Kinfolk Flower Potluck in London

If you've met Holly or know her words, she is a fearless cheerleader of using whatever means you have to create a memorable, inspiring life for yourself. Thirty seconds of courage allowed me to sign up to one of her workshops last year and now here I am, lucky (excited!) and so very happy to be sharing with you in a new monthly column called Simple Times. But I should first introduce myself, my name is Rincy and I was born in India, brought up in Michigan and am currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I work as a training pediatrician and I have a blog called a little bird where I share small pleasures that make me happy. The world of blogging can be overwhelming at the best of times, but I've found there is a truth in simplicity, in the little things of every day and sometimes a whole lot of little can be pretty magical. Don't you agree? 1

In April, I was lucky enough to attend a Kinfolk Flower Potluck with a few others in London. It was the most sweetly inspiring way to welcome a new season- surrounded by florals, open conversation and a shared meal around a table.






Truth is, I don't have matching napkins and decorative flatware. I worry about things going just right. I usually end up forgetting something important at the store. But I do have what I need: food, a table, friends to gather and sometimes even a tealight or two. And more often than not, the best memories are the ones where we forget about perfection and embrace those imperfectly endearing moments of togetherness.

I've grown to become quite fond of them. Maybe this is something that you can think about if you are holding back from inviting over friends because you want everything to be 'just right'. Simply gather together those you love, grab some fresh bread and yummy things to put on it, a bottle of wine and let the magic begin.

I'll be back again next month with another thought about Simple Times. See you in June! - Rincy.

(images/text: rincy koshy)