Studio Tour: By Fryd in Norway

Hello friends and welcome to a new week on decor8! I have so much to share this week including a fun surprise, but first... I thought I'd share a beautiful peek into the new studio space in Skien, Norway that belongs to fellow blogger and friend, Jeanette Lunde from By Fryd (which means Joy). She recently formed a new "side" company with her friend, Hilda Mork, called HYSJ and so this studio is also where they can work and dream together but it is primarily where Jeanette blogs and works on her exciting projects. Once an old barn (before photos here), Jeanette restored it with the help of her husband and of course, contractors, and now it is a heavenly workshop for her creative endeavors. There is nothing like having a dedicated space to craft your dreams, is there? STUDIO By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in NorwayY FRYD-4S

By Fryd   Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway


As you can see, there is a kitchen with a space to eat and seating area for clients. There are more photos below that shown other glimpses, including her work table. I love all of the space and natural light and the overall simplicity. Here is also a little interview that I had with Jeanette about her new business and partner. Would you like to follow along?

Do you both work from this studio each day? So far Hilde has been working in the studio when we have projects together, so not everyday. It's more our base where we create. At the same time we are totally free, so some times we chose the coffee shop other days the studio. Love how we can be anywhere, who knows, some day we sit in south of France and are working. Such a lovely dream.

What are your plans for your company? From the start we decided to work from our hearts. So where we'll go feels like an open flower meadow. So far we have HYSJ which is our online shop with prints and then we have Lunde & Mork, where we style, write and shoot. The HYSJ shop is slowly growing with more products, and to collaborate when it comes to interior projects is just amazing. To have a creative soul partner. (Three of their prints, which can be purchased here, are shown below in-situ.)

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

By Fryd + Her Stylish Work Studio in Norway

How did you meet? We met because of our blogs, but only online, until I wrote Hilde and asked if she wanted to meet. I had this really strong positive feeling...

How did you know it was a smart idea to work together? My gut feeling told me. It clicked from the first minute and it felt like we had known each other forever.

How did you come up with the name and what does it mean? HYSJ means hush, and is illustrative to how we see the world, our work and our beliefs. At the same time it starts with a H for Hilde and ends with a J for Jeanette. Just magic ;)

Were you searching for a creative partner or was this just a happy accident? I would say more like a happy accident. I found out that having a creative partner is not something you can just apply for. It's how we work together that makes this so amazing. Hilde was there when I needed her and i was there when she needed me. I truly believe this was meant to be.

What are your dreams for your company? That it will keep on giving us freedom, as it already has given us.

Will you continue with your blog and magazine or merge it with your new business and partner? We will keep on having our own separate blogs. We find it important to have our own private voice in this collaboration. After all we are not one person.

More work space photos...





Thank you Jeanette for this lovely peek into your new space!

(images: jeanette lunde)